IHFC is more then a gym to me. it is my home, my get away, and where my family is! i have been a member of alot of gyms before this gym opened up and I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF OR WITNESSED A PLACE LIKE THIS!!! the atmosphere is excellent, but what it boils down to is the heart inside the doors!... we have everyone here from( complete athletes, bodybuilders, those who are cutting weight and as well as those who want to beat diabetes) but having that wide of a spectrum, you would expect "groups, clicks, insders and outsiders!" but its not like that! everyone is treated with the same amount of respect. in all honesty we have went from just a average joes gym- a complete ARMY!!! i will always be a member, friend and a proud mma fighter representing this club. A sincere thank you goes out to everyone at the gym who pulled together and shown the love and respect of an awesome man/ friend this week! Keep REPP^N THE red for RED! ...simplybelieve..

Mike Dann

Like many people my age, I got a job that had very long hours, and was very sedentary, and quit weight lifting. I became heavy I had a BMI of over 30. I weighed 233 pounds. I had high blood pressure, I was on BP medication for 12 years. I also came down with a severe case of Gout. My liver panel was messed up also for several years. Then a couple of friends of mine Tom & Julie Reckman recommend the IRON HORSE. I checked it out, was very impressed with the lay out, the room and friendly atmosphere. I started in October at the time I weighed 233 pounds. I now weigh 175 pounds; my BMI is now 23.2 now, I went down from a 36 pant size to a 32 pant size. I've lost 58 pounds now, . When I went to see the Doctor a few weeks ago, I'm no longer on BP medication now, I no longer have Gout.My liver panel is normal also. I give all the Glory to Jesus Christ for the ultimate healing & the Iron Horse. You can do this at any age I'm 59. Surround yourself with positive people, like at the IRON HORSE.

John Murphy

I've worked out there since the day they opened the doors back in October 1, I work out 5 to 6 days a week for 3 hrs in the morning and come back twice at night for about an hour, since I had started all this I have lost 63 lbs and still the weight is still coming off. I think the owners ( Ashley & Brad Gendreau )are great people, and they have a great gym, they have awesome equipment and the GYM is always clean. By far it is a great place to work out !

Mark Dann

Great Place To Work Out!

since joining the Iron Horse my strength has increased tenfold! I love using all the weight machines and the treadmils i am now getting much stronger and can now run a couple miles and only in two months of being a member of the IHFC! I love it!

Brian H


I used to be in such terrible shape, i couldn't run two blocks without getting winded. Thanks to Iron Horse Fitness Club, i just ran my first ever road race last weekend! 2 miles straight through and i got my best time yet! :-) For some people, this might be a small thing but for me it means the world! I have a new love in life.. And that is fitness! Thank you, Iron Horse for your wonderful facility, equipment, atmosphere, and 24 hour access!

Ashley N.


I have been a member of the Iron Horse since shortly after they opened! I have really enjoyed my time working out and meeting new people. When I started working out, I had just found out I was a diabetic and I was put on medication because my blood sugar levels were dangerously high! Since working out, my blood sugars are near perfect and I am feeling fantastic! I have decided to enter the Max Muscle Body Transformation contest, and I would have never even considered that a few short months ago! Thank you Brad and Ashley! I love the Iron Horse and it is part of my day EVERY DAY!!!!


Feeling Good!!